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There are many people who know cosmetics, but not many people know cosmetic hoses

2021-03-23 17:40:46

Every woman's dressing table is full of cosmetics, and often this batch is not used up, and the next batch is bought back home. It can be said that most women now know cosmetics well, but not many people know cosmetic hoses.

1. What are the types

According to the number of layers, it is generally divided into single-layer, double-layer and five-layer. There will be differences in various parameters. Double-layer hoses are more common. Some low-end cosmetics will also use single-layer hoses. According to the color, it can be divided into transparent tube, colored tube, frosted tube, etc., with different visual impression and hand feeling.

2. What's the effect

The main function is to separate cosmetics and gases, prevent oxygen from oxidizing key ingredients in cosmetics, prevent external odorous gases from intruding into cosmetics, and firmly lock the fragrance and key ingredients of cosmetics in the tube.

3. How to assemble

Only cosmetic hoses are not enough, and hose caps are required. Of course, hose caps are also divided into caps of various shapes. After the cosmetics are installed, they will be sealed and printed with the production date.

4. How about the price

The quality of the hose is different, the price will also be different. For example, some hoses need to be multi-color printing, some need to be hot stamped or silver, and some need to add silk effect. The corresponding production price is also higher.

Knowing the knowledge of these cosmetic hoses, I believe many people will understand why the price of cosmetics varies greatly.


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