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What is a cosmetic hose? What types do you know

2021-03-23 17:39:46

Nowadays, girls pay more and more attention to their own dress. Almost all the girls you see on the street have elaborate makeup. The demand for cosmetics is also increasing. In fact, cosmetics are everywhere in our lives, and there may be some hidden cosmetics that you don't know. So what are the types of cosmetic hoses? Let's take a look.

One, facial cleanser

Facial cleanser is a must-have every day. Facial cleanser is also a kind of cosmetics. For facial cleansers, most of them are hoses, which are convenient for us to squeeze.

Second, hand cream

A pair of beautiful hands is a great temptation for people. Therefore, no matter what age group, hand cream is necessary, and most hand creams are hoses, and hose sizes are also varied, and generally small ones can be carried with you.

Three, isolation cream

Isolation cream is also a common cosmetic hose. It is an important skin care product to protect the skin. It is mainly used to isolate ultraviolet rays and play a role in sun protection. Isolation cream generally comes in bottles and hoses, of which hoses are relatively common.

Most cosmetics in life are made of hoses, because hoses have many advantages, which are convenient to carry and store. They are not only practical, but also cosmetic hoses with various patterns can be made, which makes many girls and young girls feel angry.


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